We have recently seen some customers trying to contact us with Support enquiries via social media channels like Facebook chat. We would like to remind customers we do not actively monitor chat because our social media pages are only used for public announcements or marketing communications.

How to get Tech Support

ALL support enquiries must be logged through our Support ticket system so they can be correctly allocated, tracked and responded to. We do not offer tech support or training via social media or phone calls.

If you have a technical problem you must use our Client Area at https://client.ozcart.com/clientarea.php to log your issue
1) Log in with your billing email address and billing password
2) Choose Submit a ticket
3) Log your enquiry

If you can't see our client area (e.g. if your IP address has been blocked), you can email ecommerce@ozcart.com with your issue and a ticket will be manually opened for you. It will then be responded to in the normal way.

Thanking You

Our processes aim to help as many people as quickly as possible in a fair and efficient way. We would like to thank you kindly in advance for following our procedures for the benefit all of us, together.

Friday, May 5, 2017

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