Sep 27 Ozcart V5: New features released from July to September, 2019

Here’s our latest changelog for the past few months: New features: Page List Side Menu in Design > Blocks is now “Display List of Pages” and lets you add a “Storefront title” to display your own title for that block. It previously... Читать далее »

Июн 28 Ozcart V5: New features released in June, 2019

We've released quite a few updates to our latest version of Ozcart. One of the many benefits of this hosted shopping cart is that you get updates without manually updating your shopping cart as we take care of it for you. With that said,... Читать далее »

Июн 19 New free website personalisation service

Ozcart staff currently take care of hosting, security, updates & bug fixing, new feature additions, and the technology, but we wanted to go further and offer you a bit of help in setting up and in improving your online stores.   We... Читать далее »

Июн 5 Number of login attempts increased

We'd like to let you know that, due to the amount of users getting their IP blocked for attempting to log in to their email or other services incorrectly, we have increased the number of attempts allowed. The exact numbers will not be pu... Читать далее »

Апр 29 Ozcart V5: New features released in April, 2019

We’re happy to announce a huge update to Ozcart. We’ve been working on improving Ozcart since we took over last April, 2018. This update includes new features that we have been working on since last September, 2018. We recommend going t... Читать далее »

Sep 2 Ozcart V5: New features released in August, 2018

We've got some exciting new features released and some bugs fixed. Here's the list and a description of each one: More email notifications The store owner will now receive email notifications for when a return (RMA) is requested by ... Читать далее »

Апр 11 Ozcart Ecommerce acquisition - new ownership

Hi everyone, My name is Ramsey Khalaf and I am happy to announce that I have acquired Ozcart Ecommerce from Brooke Hardwick. I would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to read the following. I am a website specialist and alwa... Читать далее »